Fromtheheart89’s Requests

I was sadly unable to find anything by the artist you requested but hopefully some of these are in the correct direction of what you are looking for. If it isn’t please let me know and I can keep looking. If it is, I can still keep looking for more if you want more. I really rather enjoy doing this and working on requests.

Also, I’ve put in requests for sheet music of the two songs you asked for and when or if someone does them I will make those.

I’ve put everything I’ve done so far into a folder for you. I hope something is what you were looking for.

Folder of Music


2 thoughts on “Fromtheheart89’s Requests”

  1. These will work wonderfully! Thank you sooooo much! You’re fantastic! Now if only I could convince Turbine to put in an instrument that sounds like the oud 😀


    1. Yay! Keep checking back, I may do more here and there. These songs were fun and as you can see one of them I couldn’t help but make a multi part. It’s very pretty. Spread the word to your friends too😀

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