Solos! (and some others)

I’ve not really made very many solo pieces but over the last couple of months I’ve not been playing with others, so I need solos! I do play a duet here and there with my husband but it’s a bit rare. So, I’ve reworked a couple of songs into solos and there will be more to come. If there are any songs already here that have too many parts or not enough parts you can request that same song and tell me how many parts you need, I’d be happy to attempt to make it.

I’ve been a little disappointed because some really great songs just can’t be made into a solo because the game will drop too many notes.

It’s not a lot but here’s what I’ve worked on so far….

Alice Cooper – Be My Lover (Solo)

Bryan Adams – Cuts Like A Knife (Solo)

Ace of Base – Don’t Turn Around (solo)

Ace Of Base – The Sign (Solo)

Aerosmith – Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (solo)

Foreigner – Feels Like The First Time (Solo)

Duran Duran – Hungry Like A Wolf (solo)

Duran Duran – Hungry Like A Wolf (Duet)

Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend (Duet)

Boston – More Than A Feeling (Duet)

Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games With My Heart (Solo)

Brownsville Station – Smokin in the Boys Room (Solo)

Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby (Solo)

Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby (Duet)

Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby (3 parts)

Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby (4 parts)

As always, if you don’t see a song here you can make requests here. Make sure to let me know how many parts. Thanks and hope you enjoy!





3 thoughts on “Solos! (and some others)”

  1. First time trying your site so I’m pretty happy. But I’ll say “Cuts like a Knife” is a bit choppy in places and I’m not really satisfied with how it sounds.

    Keep up the good work though, maybe try out intrumentals like Two Steps From Hell if that’s even translatable. And maybe like remixes of things, also idk if that’s possibly either. If I recall it’s best to have the .MIDI files and those are hard to come by.


    1. Thanks for letting me know about “Cuts Like a Knife” I’ll take a look at it. It is best to have the Midi files and some are hard to find. I’ve not done many solos up until now so I’m not really shocked that it’s not perfect. I’ll see what I can do and hopefully you keep coming back and letting me know! Thanks.


    2. Cuts Like A Knife should be updated and new. There are a couple small pauses now because the lute clips the notes but if you play it with a horn it’s not clipped. Try that out, let me know what you think. There’s not much more I can do with it without calling it terrible for solo without the drums. Thanks!


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