Themes, Classics and Folk Music

Hi there! Sorry it’s been so long between updates. I’ve been uninspired. So, if you have suggestions or requests, send them in! Comment! Tweet me! Blog posts from here on out will update to my twitter @Krisgwin so give it a follow if you want updates there, I don’t use it for anything else. I’m not a huge fan of twitter for anything besides following people/things I’m interested in.

Here’s what I have for you. Hope there’s something you’ll enjoy, if not…. REQUEST!

Journey – Faithfully (7 parts)

Journey – Lights (4 parts)

Journey – Lights (5 parts)

Journey – Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin (4 parts)

Journey – Wheel in the Sky (4 parts)

Journey – Who’s Crying Now (5 parts)

Maid of Llanwellyn Welsh Folk Song – Duet

Maid of Llanwellyn Welsh Folk Song – 3 parts

Maid Of Llanwellyn Welsh Folk Song – 4 parts

Mortal Kombat – Solo Duet 3 parts 4 parts 5 parts 6 parts 7 parts

Mwana Wange Uganda Folk Song – 5 parts

Beetlejuice – 5 parts 6 parts